[Python-Dev] New regrtest.py gimmick

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Tue, 14 Aug 2001 20:48:55 -0400

On 11 August 2001, Tim Peters said:
> For you it will print something like:
> ...
> MMM tests OK.
> NN tests skipped: XXX YYY ...
> Ask someone to teach regrtest.py about which tests are
> expected to get skipped on [sys.platform].
> You do that by changing the new _ExpectedSkips.__init__ near the bottom of
> regrtest.py.
> If sys.platform isn't enough to determine the set of skipped tests, then
> sys.platform isn't particularly useful <0.9 wink>.

Note that distutils.util.get_platform() is, for POSIX platforms at
least, sys.platform on steroids:

  def get_platform ():
      """Return a string that identifies the current platform.  This is used
      mainly to distinguish platform-specific build directories and
      platform-specific built distributions.  Typically includes the OS name
      and version and the architecture (as supplied by 'os.uname()'),
      although the exact information included depends on the OS; eg. for IRIX
      the architecture isn't particularly important (IRIX only runs on SGI
      hardware), but for Linux the kernel version isn't particularly

      Examples of returned values:
         linux-alpha (?)

      For non-POSIX platforms, currently just returns 'sys.platform'.

But then, much of the Distutils is other parts of the standard library
on steroids.  (Sigh.)

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