[Python-Dev] Parrot -- should life imitate satire?

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Tue, 14 Aug 2001 20:56:18 -0400

On 12 August 2001, Paul Prescod said:
> In fact, there are many bits of the C library that Python people would
> like to replace or improve but we don't have the resources alone. Maybe
> if all of the scripting language groups got together we would be able to
> do it. I'm not talking about the larger project of sharing bytecodes and
> so forth, but I could see that we probably have very similar needs with
> respect to files, memory allocation, networking, event loops, process
> handling and maybe threads. And the other scripting languages are
> probably not too far off either.

Isn't a lot of that addressed by glib, the C library used by GTK+ (and
therefore Gnome) applications for all those things that C programs tend
to do that aren't GUI-related?

And speaking of I/O libraries, whatever happened to sfio?  I remember
struggling with it and PerlIO back around Perl 5.003/5.004 in a vain
attempt to get FastCGI working.  sfio seemed at the time like a good
idea just didn't catch on, probably because stdio is "good enough" for
most people.  (But then, "most people" don't implement Perl or Python.)

(I also remember that sfio's version number is the year of release -- so
much for "release early, release often".  It also had a rather
idiosyncratic build system -- autoconf? what's that?)

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