[Python-Dev] PyArg_ParseTuple format string: "h" vs. "H"

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Fri, 17 Aug 2001 11:20:14 +0200

> > I was just bit by an older PyArg_ParseTuple format string behavior
> > change: these days (since 2.1?) "h" barfs when you feed it an
> > unsigned short value (even if it's within 16 bits). So ok, I updated
> > my code to use "H" instead, only to find out hours later that "H"
> > didn't exist yet in 1.5.2. I really need to be compatible with both
> > so I'll have to work around it :-(
> > 
> > Was this change really neccesary?
> Yes, the old behavior was indefensible.
> Jack complained about it too, but in the end agreed he'd update his
> code.

Well, "agreed" is a rather gentle description here. "Jack was dragged to his 
machine kicking and screaming where he spent months (literally) finding these 
nasty changes, and he still mutters and whimpers occasionally". I think that 
about 99% of the uses of the "h" format specifier were in code that I felt 
responsible for, and each of these had to be carefully inspected. I still find 
them, occasionally (there was another one last month).

And don't even _dream_ of "fixing" the "l" format in the same way:-)
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