[Python-Dev] RELEASED: Python 2.2a2 is out!

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 14:55:49 -0400

We've released Python 2.2a2, the second alpha for Python 2.2, for your
enjoyment, education, and edification.  Download it from:


Give it a good try, and report what breaks to the bug tracker:


New features in this release include:

- Tim Peters developed a brand new Windows installer using Wise 8.1,
  generously donated to us by Wise Solutions.

- The floor division operator // has been added as outlined in PEP
  238. The / operator still provides classic division (and will until
  Python 3.0) unless "from __future__ import division" is included, in
  which case the / operator will provide true division.

- The type/class unification (PEP 252-253) was integrated into the
  trunk and is not so tentative any more (the exact specification of
  some features is still tentative).  A lot of work has done on fixing
  bugs and adding robustness and features (performance still has to
  come a long way).

- Lots of bug fixes, contributed patches, and other stuff.  See the
  Misc/NEWS file in the distribution, or see the release notes on


As usual, Andrew Kuchling is writing a gentle introduction to the most
important changes (currently excluding type/class unification), titled
"What's New in Python 2.2":


There is an introduction to the type/class unification at:


Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release, including all the
2.2 alpha 1 testers!

-Barry & Guido