[Python-Dev] Inline caveat

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 10:36:54 -0400

>>>>> "SM" == Skip Montanaro <skip@pobox.com> writes:

    SM> There is, of course, a definite downside to Inline.  Your code
    SM> will get harder to read and maintain because you and whoever
    SM> else has to maintain your code has to be familiar with all the
    SM> languages you are inlining.

It's also harder to maintain because it's harder to edit and debug.

Maybe all them fancy IDEs you youngin's use can easily support editing
mutiple different languages in the same file, but if so, let me know!
The tools/editors/debuggers I'm familiar with don't deal with any of
that very well, if at all.

You have a similar problem trying to knit HTML and Python together, as
is proven by the proliferation of such approaches (e.g. DTML, PTL,
HTMLgen, etc., etc.).  It's bearable for one-liners and small bits of
intermingling, but anything large than a line or two gets pretty
unweildy pretty fast.