[Python-Dev] CVS tags, unix Python and MacPython

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 22:09:28 +0200

I need some good ideas on how to organize tag names for MacPython

When the MacPython repository was still separate things were fairly
simple: when I did a MacPython release what ended up in the source
tree was simply the (correctly tagged) Mac subtree from that
repository and whatever happened to be current in the main repository
(usually a couple of weeks newer than the corresponding unix release),
with one or two files modified.

When the repositories were merged I switched over to using the same
tags as the unix release used. This has sort-of worked for the 2.1.1
release, although with some grumblings of the people doing the unix
2.1.1 release.

Things will get worse with the 2.2a2 release, as there are a couple of
things that I definitely want in there that aren't finished yet, so
it'll be at least another week until I'm done, and moreover I'll have
to be making a few (minor) mods to files outside the Mac subtree.

This problem will continue for as long as MacPython stays alive
(unless everyone is willing to delay all distributions until I'm
done with MacPython too:-).

I can see 3 possible solutions, I'd like to hear what people think is
the best course of action (and what the powers-that-be sanction):
- I can move the "r22a2" tag for the specific files. I don't think I
like this solution (despite its simplicity) because the files in
question are used by the OSX unix build too.
- I can add an "r22a2-mac" tag all over the tree.
- I can add an "r22a2" tag to the Mac subtree only, check out the
whole r22a2 tagged Python tree and manually check out those files for
which I need newer versions.
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