[Python-Dev] Release criteria

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Sun, 2 Dec 2001 15:39:23 -0500

[Martin von Loewis]
> Now that there are only ten days left for the release candidate, I
> wonder whether there are any release criteria beyond "builds on
> Windows".


> In particular, I think that the release candidate should not be
> produced until "critical" SF bugs have been resolved. In #420851,
> Barry indicates that bugs with a priority higher than six will block a
> release. This sounds reasonable.

Yes, that's part of The Plan.

> Looking at the remaining bugs, we see
> Priority 8: two reports (assigned to loewis and nobody)

The "nobody" bug is sprintf -> PyOS_snprintf conversion; it's not assigned
to anyone in particular because 3 people in PythonLabs have been working on

> Priority 7: 11 reports (6x akuchling, 3x gvanrossum,
>                         1x jackjansen, 1x fdrake)
> Given that the oldest of these reports is from 2001-07-30, I think it
> is unlikely that they will be all resolved within ten days.

Me too, although it's the Distutil (akuchling) bugs that seem most at risk.
Note that I just boosted one of the regexp bugs to priority 7 (/F, are you
there?).  Guido returns from paternity leave tomorrow, so PythonLabs will
triple its available manpower then <0.9 wink>.

> That seems to suggest one of the following alternatives:
> 1. Move the deadline for the release candidate,

Possible, but at this time I think it's unlikely.

> 2. Lower the priority for some of the reports,

Most likely, for the Distutils and Mac-specific bugs (no, we're not going to
hold up the release just because the "copy" menu command on a Mac-specific
console window isn't enabled).

> 3. Move the threshold for release-critical bugs (to, say, 8),


> 4. Give up the notion of release-critical bugs