[Python-Dev] nested scopes confusion

Jeremy Hylton jeremy@zope.com
Tue, 4 Dec 2001 15:06:53 -0500 (EST)

>>>>> "TH" == Thomas Heller <thomas.heller@ion-tof.com> writes:

  >> > How do I achieve the desired effect? Note that the default
  >> > argument trick (def mth(i=i): ...) does not work because *args
  >> > is present.
  >> Use a class with a __call__ method:

  TH> That's what I was trying to avoid, because it is too slow.

Calling a regular method on an instance is about 5x faster than
calling an instance that defines an __call__().  

But the performance characteristics of class vs. function is really
the bottleneck of your application?  Are you sure that nested fuctions
are really cheaper?