[Python-Dev] python2.1.2 plans, plus the curse of PEP-006.

Anthony Baxter Anthony Baxter <anthony@interlink.com.au>
Thu, 06 Dec 2001 09:09:40 +1100

>>> Barry A. Warsaw wrote
> Please do suggest changes!  If you want to co-own it so you can update
> it yourself, we can do that too.
> Patch releases should be easy(er).

I had a think about this, and I think the major issue is that there
was quite a gap to backfill between 2.1.1 and me starting 2.1.2. There
was a bit of backporting (thank you twouters!), but not that much - and 
not that much done as far as marking bugfixes in the changelogs.

Given the rate of change in the python core, I'd say that it's more
likely that people are going to want the ability to switch versions 
when it suits them, and thus keeping up the version before the current
bleeding edge is appropriate.

I'd say that something like the following would make life easier

  The branch for 2.N-maint should be maintained until 2.(N+1) gets 
  a first patch release. That is, 2.1-maint gets bugfixes until 2.2.1
  gets out the door. Alternately, waiting X months after 2.(N+1).0
  would be another approach.

In any case, marking bugfix candidates in CVS logs should be a standard
thing to do. 

In terms of concrete things I'm looking for right now: 
. someone who's either a HP/UX victim^W user who's prepared to try and 
work out what bits need backporting for the threading fix, or someone who's
got a HP/UX box and is prepared to let me ssh into the box and try and do
it myself.
. people to test the 2.1.2 release candidate when it's ready on a bunch
of different platforms - I only have access to solaris, linux, and whatever's
in the sf compile farm.