[Python-Dev] No longer at ActiveState.

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Wed, 19 Dec 2001 01:13:44 -0500

[Mark Hammond]
> FYI, I am no longer emplyed by ActiveState (Merry Christmas! :)

Indeed!  So you'll be using the PythonLabs installer again?  Pay close
attention to its "Installation Finished" screen -- I changed that months ago
in anticipation of your coming home to us <wink>.

> ActiveState have pretty much stopped all Komodo and Python work for the
> forseeable future.  This left me without an immediate project and
> therefore without an immediate job.

Bummer.  It's times like this I'm glad Aussies don't have feelings.

> It was very dissapointing to hear this just after slaving to get the 1.2
> release of Komodo out the door and just a few days before Christmas.

Yup.  If it's any consolation, BeOpen.com stopped paying us the week before
Python 2.0 was scheduled for release.  We all wanted to go on a month-long
bender, but Guido didn't let us leave his office until the release was
finished.  See?  You *could* have been working for Guido, and *then* what a
living hell your life would have been ...

> So, please don't use my ActiveState.com email address.  Further, I will
> probably be moving back to being self-employed (in the short term anyway),
> so if anyone hears of suitable opportunities, then feel free to
> pass them my way :)

Will do.

> On the bright side, it will free my time to finish up some pending Python
> work I have been meaning to do.

If you find a way to move Armin Rigo's Psyco along while getting paid for
it, I'll join you.  Else I'll just reassign every bug and patch with the
string "win" in it to you -- heh heh.

Have a relaxed holiday, Mark!  We'll still be here when you get out of

or-at-least-guido-will-be-and-that's-enough-ly y'rs  - tim