[Python-Dev] re: Sets BOF / for in dict

Greg Wilson gvwilson@ca.baltimore.com
Sun, 4 Feb 2001 09:19:47 -0500

I've spoken with Barbara Fuller (IPC9 org.); the two openings for a
BOF on sets are breakfast or lunch on Wednesday the 7th.  I'd prefer
breakfast (less chance of me missing my flight :-); is there anyone
who's interested in attending who *can't* make that time, but *could*
make lunch?

And meanwhile:

> Ka-Ping Yee:
>     - the key:value syntax suggested by Guido (i like it quite a lot)

Greg Wilson:
Did another quick poll; feeling here is that if

    for key:value in dict:

works, then:

    for index:value in sequence:

would also be expected to work.  If the keys to the dictionary are (for
example) 2-element tuples, then:

    for (left, right):value in dict:

would also be expected to work, just as:

    for ((left, right), value) in dict.items():

now works.

Question: would the current proposal allow NumPy arrays (just as an
example) to support both:

    for index:value in numPyArray:

where 'index' would get tuples like '(0, 3, 2)' for a 3D array, *and*

    for (i, j, k):value in numPyArray:

If so, then yeah, it would tidy up a fair bit of my code...