[Python-Dev] Documentation Tools

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 03:16:12 -0500

[Ka-Ping Yee]
> That's exactly the point i'm trying to make.  There isn't any markup
> format enforced by pydoc, precisely because it isn't worth the strife.
> Moshe seemed to imply that the set of deployable documentation tools
> was empty, and i take issue with that.  His post also had an tone of
> hopelessness about the topic that i wanted to counter immediately.

Most programmers are followers in this matter, and I agree with Moshe on
this point:  until something is Officially Blessed, Python programmers will
stay away from every gimmick in unbounded droves.

I personally don't care whether markup is ever defined, because I already
gave up on it.  But I-- like you --won't wait forever for anything.  We're
not the norm.

the-important-audience-isn't-pythondev-it's-pythonlist-ly y'rs  - tim