[Python-Dev] RE: Update to PEP 232

Tony J Ibbs (Tibs) tony@lsl.co.uk
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 10:06:34 -0000

Small pedantry (there's another sort?)

I note that:

>     - __doc__ is the only function attribute that currently has
>       syntactic support for conveniently setting.  It may be
>       worthwhile to eventually enhance the language for supporting
>       easy function attribute setting.  Here are some syntaxes
>       suggested by PEP reviewers:
[...elided to save space!...]
>       It isn't currently clear if special syntax is necessary or
>       desirable.

has not been changed since the last version of the PEP. I suggest that
it be updated in two ways:

1. Clarify the final statement - I seem to have the impression (sorry,
can't find a message to back it up) that either the BDFL or Tim Peters
is very against anything other than the "simple" #f.a = 1# sort of
thing - unless I'm mischannelling (?) again.

2. Reference the thread/idea a little while back that ended with #def
f(a,b) having (publish=1)# - it's certainly no *worse* than the
proposals in the PEP! (Michael Hudson got as far as a patch, I think).


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