[Python-Dev] Re: Case-sensitive import

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 17:21:02 -0500

[Jason Tishler]
> ...
> Not really -- I was trying to get rid of WIN32 #ifdefs.  My solution was
> to attempt to reuse the DL_EXPORT macro.  Now I realize that I should
> have done the following instead:
>     #if defined(WIN32) || defined(__CYGWIN__)
>     __declspec(dllexport)
>     #endif

Na, you did good!  If /F wants to bark at someone, he should bark at me,
because I reviewed the patch carefully before checking it in and it's the
same thing I would have done.  MarkH and I have long-delayed plans to change
these macro schemes to make some sense, and the existing DL_EXPORT uses-- no
matter how useless now --will be handy to look for when we change the
appropriate ones to, e.g., DL_MODULE_ENTRY_POINT macros (that always expand
to the correct platform-specific decl gimmicks).  _sre.c was the oddball

> ...
> I will submit a patch to README to add a Cygwin section to "Platform
> specific notes".  Unfortunately, I don't think that I can squeeze it in
> by 2.1b1.  If not, then I will submit it for the next release (2.1b2 or 2.1
> final).  I also don't mind waiting for the Cygwin gcc stuff to settle
> down too.  I know...excuses, excuses...

That's fine.  You know the Cygwin audience better than I do -- as I've proved
beyond reasonable doubt several times <wink>.

And thank you for your Cygwin work -- someday I hope to use Cygwin for more
than just running "patch" on this box <sigh> ...