[Python-Dev] RE: Mailman problems?

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Wed, 3 Jan 2001 23:26:51 -0500

> It looks like the is some problem with Mailman that is garbling
> messages to python-dev.  It may only affect lines that begin with a
> tab; not sure.
> Your most recent message came through with the following line
>>    dTHXo;
> (This was not the only example.)
> I think this was supposed to be a line of C code, but whatever
> meaningful contents it had were rendered as gobbledygook.

I have no idea where that "o" came from!  It was supposed to be "o".  Barry,
fix it!

BTW, the second line of Perl implementation functions is usually a lot less
mysterious than the first.  If anyone wants the joy of reverse-engineering
Perl's supernaturally fast input, it's function Perl_sv_gets in file sv.c.
sv.c?  Yes!  The destination of a one-line input is a Scalar Value, hence,
sc.  I expect there's similar method behind all of this stuff, but I never
stumbled into the key.  To get you started, here's the first line of


The line you're looking for is 119 lines down from that:

	    if ((*bp++ = *ptr++) == rslast)  /* really   |  dust */

the-comment-makes-more-sense-in-context<wink>-ly y'rs  - tim