[Python-Dev] Add __exports__ to modules

Christian Tismer tismer@tismer.com
Sun, 07 Jan 2001 20:05:21 +0200

Skip Montanaro wrote:
>     Neil> I think you, Skip and Moshe are missing a big advantage of having
>     Neil> the __exports__ mechanism.  It should allow some attribute access
>     Neil> inside of modules to become faster (like LOAD_FAST for locals).  I
>     Neil> think that optimization could be implemented without too much
>     Neil> difficultly.
> True enough, that hadn't occurred to me.  Knowing that now, I still don't
> think consistency of the interface should suffer as a result of
> under-the-covers performance gains.

Ok, vice versa:
Given that we can support access control via __exports__
for modules, classes and instances as well, *and* if we
can think up a scheme that allows a LOAD_FAST like speedup
for all of these cases at the same time,
then I would say +1, otherwise -0, half-hearted solution.

ciao - chris

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