[Python-Dev] ANN: Stackless Python 2.0

Christian Tismer tismer@tismer.com
Mon, 08 Jan 2001 00:37:55 +0200

Dear community,

I'm happy to announce that

		Stackless Python 2.0

is finally ready and available for download.

Stackless Python for Python 1.5.2+ also got some minor
enhancements. Both versions are available as Win32
installer files here:


Speed: Stackless Python for Python 2.0 is again a bit faster
than the original. This time even better: About 9-10 percent.
I have to say that optimization was much harder this time.
My speed patches are now done by a Python script, which will
make maintenance and diff reading much easier in the future.

There is now also a bit of example code available, like
the uthread9.py Microthreads module from Will Ware, Just van Rossum,
and Mike Fletcher.

Source code and an update to the website will become available in
the next days.

enjoy - chris

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