[Python-Dev] Std tests failing, Windows: test_builtin test_charmapcodec test_pow

Neil Schemenauer nas@arctrix.com
Sun, 7 Jan 2001 15:29:14 -0800

On Sun, Jan 07, 2001 at 02:59:49PM -0800, Neil Schemenauer wrote:
> It works fine for me on Linux.  I thought I tested on Windows
> before checking in the coerce patch.  I'll try again.

Wierd. rt.bat does not run the test_pow script.  If I run
"regrtet test_pow" then the test fails.  It could be a problem
with line endings (I copied the source for a Unix CVS checkout).

Anyhow, I found the bug.  I don't know how test_pow was passing
under Linux.  Time to reboot again.