[Python-Dev] Re: ANN: Stackless Python 2.0

Christian Tismer tismer@tismer.com
Mon, 08 Jan 2001 18:15:55 +0200

Andreas Jung wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 12:37:55AM +0200, Christian Tismer wrote:
> > Dear community,
> >
> > I'm happy to announce that
> >
> >               Stackless Python 2.0
> >
> > is finally ready and available for download.
> >
> > Stackless Python for Python 1.5.2+ also got some minor
> > enhancements. Both versions are available as Win32
> > installer files here:
> Are there patches available against the standard Python 2.0
> source code tree ?

I had no time yet to put the source trees on the web.
Should happen in one or two days.
The I will probably not provide patches, hoping that
some other Unix people will catch up and provide that
part. This worked the same for the 1.5.2 version.

The 2.0 port consists of 10 or so files, which can be used
as direct replacements for the same files in the 2.0 distro.
I think on Unix this is the right way to go.
For me it is simpler to have my own litle tree, since I'm
working with Windows, and I just have to modify my VC++
project file.

ciao - chris

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