[Python-Dev] Create a synthetic stdout for Windows?

James C. Ahlstrom jim@interet.com
Wed, 10 Jan 2001 10:19:01 -0500

Mark Hammond wrote:

> Sometimes _no_ screen at all is wanted - ie, no main GUI window, and no
> console window.  pythonw is used in this case.  COM uses pythonw.exe in just
> this way, and when executed by DCOM, it will be executed in a context where
> the user can not see any such dialog.
> However, I would be happy to ensure the correct command-line is used to
> prevent this behaviour in this case.
> Indeed, in _every_ case I use pythonw.exe I would disable this - but I
> accept that other users have simpler requirements.

It would be easier to have a pythonw2.exe where this feature is
built in, rather than a command line option.  But see below.
> > I do not view winstdout as a "newbie" feature, but rather a
> > generally useful C-language addition to Python.
> Hrm.  I dont believe a commercial app, for example, would find this
> suitable - they would roll their own solution.
> > I guess I am saying, perhaps incorrectly, that the mechanism provided
> > will make further redirection of sys.stdout unnecessary 99% of the
> > time.
> Yes, I disagree here.  IMO it is no good for a commercial, real app.  As I
> > If someone out there knows of a different example of sys.stdout
> > redirection in use in the real world, it would be helpful if
> > they would describe it.  Maybe it could be incorporated.
> Sure.  Komodo to a file with a friendly dialog (sometimes ;-).
> I don't believe I have worked on 2 projects with the same requirement
> here!!!

Well, that is the problem.  Is this feature "generally useful"?
I am writing Windows programs in which Python is the "main"
and provides the GUI, so I find this useful.  And I do show
my users tracebacks.  But perhaps this is unique to me.  I
don't see users of wxPython nor tkinter replying "great idea"
so maybe they don't use pythonw.

Absent more support, I don't think this idea has enough
merit to justify a patch.