[Python-Dev] RE: Baffled on Windows

Mark Hammond MarkH@ActiveState.com
Fri, 12 Jan 2001 08:55:29 -0800

> 4. The way mmapmodule.c is coded and built after Guido's change appears to
> me to be the same as how every other non-builtin module is coded and built
> on Windows.  For example, winsound.c, which uses DL_EXPORT(void)
> before its
> initwinsound and where that macro also expands to "void".  But importing
> winsound works fine.

winsound adds "/export:initwinsound" to the link line.  This is an
alternative to __declspec in the sources.

This all gets back to a discussion we had here nearly a year or so ago -
that "DL_EXPORT" isnt capturing our semantics, and that we should probably
create #defines that match the _intent_ of the definition, rather than the
implementation details - ie, replace DL_EXPORT with (say) PY_API_DECL and
PY_MODULEINIT_DECL or some such.

I'm happy to think about this and help implement it if the time is now

> Any Windows geek got a clue?

Isn't that question a paradox? ;-)