[Python-Dev] unit testing bake-off

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Mon, 15 Jan 2001 17:32:51 -0500

> Let's have all the interested parties vote now, then.  It would
> certainly be helpful to have the new unittest module in the alpha
> release of 2.1.  I'd like to write some new tests and I'd rather use
> the new stuff than the old stuff.

> Huh?  If no one has tried the different modules, what's the point of
> having a vote?

Presumably so that *something* gets into 2.1a1.  At least you, Jeremy and
Fredrik have tried them, and if that's all there can't be a tie <wink>.  I
would agree this is not an ideal decision procedure.

the-question-is-whether-it's-better-than-paralysis-ly y'rs  - tim