[Python-Dev] test_ucn errors ?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@effbot.org
Fri, 19 Jan 2001 19:13:15 +0100

thomas wrote:
> > I'm currently seeing a failure in test_ucn:
> > 
> > test test_ucn crashed -- exceptions.UnicodeError: Unicode-Escape decoding
> > error: Illegal Unicode character
> > 
> > It looks like one of the unicode literals in test_ucn is invalid, but it's
> > damned hard to pin down which:
> Feels to me like there's a bug in the string literal processing that
> makes *any* string literal containing \N{...} fail during code
> generation.

I took another look at the error message: the only explanation
I can see here is that the lookup succeeds, but the call to ucn-
hash returns a value larger than 0x10ffff.

What is Py_UCS4 set to under gcc?

Confusing /F