[Python-Dev] RE: test_sax failing (Windows)

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 19:12:21 -0500

More FYI:  With the new expat1_2.zip (153591 bytes) DLLs, all tests pass on
Windows except for test_sax.  No change in symptoms.  The failure modes for
test_sax depend on all of:

+ Whether run in release or debug builds.

+ Whether text_sax.py is run directly or via regrtest.py.

+ Whether I delete all .pyc/.pyo files first, or use precomplied ones.

+ In debug builds, whether the test is started from within the
  debugger, or I start it via cmdline and attach to the process after
  it crashes (with a memory fault).

Here's a new failure mode:

test test_sax crashed -- XMLParserType: no element found: line 1, column 5

So this smells to high heaven of either a nasty gc problem or referencing
uninitialized memory.  Symptoms don't change if I stick

    import gc

at the start of test_sax.py.

Barry, can you try running test_sax under Insure?  I've got little chance of
making enough time tonight to figure this out the hard way ...