[Python-Dev] setup.py

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Sat, 27 Jan 2001 04:35:14 -0500

[Eric S. Raymond]
> I may not channel Guido the way Tim does, but I suspect he gave you
> developer privileges because he trusts you to do routine stuff like this.

Excellent, Eric!  You're batting 1%.  Here's how to boost it to 93%:
whenever a new idea comes up, just grumble "no".  You'll be right 92% of the
time <wink>.

Reminds me of a friend who got sucked into working at a neural-net startup
trying to build a black box to predict whether the daily close of the S&P
500 would be above or below the previous day's.  He was greatly impressed by
the research they had done, showing that the prototype got the right answer
more than half the time when fed historical data, and at a very high
significance level (i.e., it almost certainly did better than flipping a
coin).  What he didn't realize at the time is that if they had written the
prototype in Python:

    # S&P close daily direction predictor
    print "higher"

it would have been right about 2/3rds the time <0.33 wink>.

never-ascribe-to-insight-what-can-be-explained-by-idiocy-ly y'rs  - tim