[Python-Dev] WARNING: Changed build process for zlib on Windows

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 14:49:34 -0500

[Mark Hammond]
> ...
> The new process is very simple, but may break some peoples build.
> ...
> The reason this _should_ not break your build is that your
> _probably_ already have a "..\..\zlib-1.1.3" directory installed
> in the right place so the header files can be located.

Actually, it's certain to break the build for anyone who read
PCbuild\readme.txt.  But I *want* it to break:  changing the directory name
is a strong hint that they should download the zlib source code from the
same place you did (and which is now explained in PCbuild\readme.txt, and
mentioned in the 2.1a2 NEWS file).

Other than that, worked first time, and-- even better --the second time too