[Python-Dev] The 2nd Korea Python Users Seminar

Guido van Rossum guido@digicool.com
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 11:26:11 -0500


Way to go, Christian!

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)

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Date:    Wed, 31 Jan 2001 22:46:06 +0900
From:    "Changjune Kim" <junaftnoon@yahoo.com>
To:      <guido@python.org>
Subject: The 2nd Korea Python Users Seminar

Dear Mr. Guido van Rossum,

First of all, I can't thank you more for your great contribution to the
presence of Python. It is not a mere computer programming language but a whole
culture, I think.

I am proud to tell you that we are having the 2nd Korea Python Users Seminar
which is wide open to the public. There are already more than 400 people who
registered ahead, and we expect a few more at the site. The seminar will be
held in Seoul, South Korea on Feb 2.

With the effort of Korea Python Users Group, there has been quite a boom or
phenomenon for Python among developers in Korea. Several magazines are
_competitively_ carrying regular articles about Python -- I'm one of the
authors -- and there was an article even on a _normal_ newspaper, one of the
major four big newspapers in Korea, which described the sprouting of Python in
Korea and pointed its extreme easiness to learn. (moreover, it's the year of
the snake in the 12 zodiac animals)

The seminar is mainly about:

Python 2.0, intro for newbies, Python coding style, ZOPE, internationalization
of Zope for Korean, GUIs such as wxPython, PyQt, Internet programming in
Python, Python with UML, Python C/API, XML with Python, and Stackless Python.

Christian Tismer is coming for SPC presentation with me, and Hostway CEO Lucas
Roh will give a talk about how they are using Python, and one of the Python
evangelists, Brian Lee, CTO of Linuxkorea will give a brief intro to Python
and Python C/API.

I'm so excited and happy to tell you this great news. If there is any message
you want to give to Korea Python Users Group and the audience, it'd be
great -- I could translate it and post it at the site for all the audience.

Thank you again for your wonderful snake.

Best regards,

June from Korea.

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