[Python-Dev] Benchmarking "fun" (was Re: Python 2.1 slower than 2.0)

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 23:24:43 +0100

Tim Peters wrote:
> [Michael Hudson]
> > ...
> > Can anyone try this on Windows?  Seeing as windows malloc
> > reputedly sucks, maybe the differences would be bigger.
> No time now (pymalloc is a non-starter for 2.1).  Was tried in the past on
> Windows.  Helped significantly.  Unclear how much was simply due to
> exploiting the global interpreter lock, though.  "Windows" is also a
> multiheaded beast (e.g., NT has very different memory performance
> characteristics than 95).

We're still in alpha, no ?  

Adding pymalloc is not much of
a deal since it fits nicely with the Python malloc macros and
giving the package a nice spin by putting it into a Python alpha
release would sure create more confidence in this nice piece
of work. We can always take it out again before going into the 
beta phase.

Or do we have a 2.1 feature freeze already ?

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