[Python-Dev] Unicode Maintenance

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Mon, 2 Jul 2001 21:41:33 +0200

guido wrote: 
> I'm not sure how to get you a "summary of changes", but I think you
> can ask Fredrik directly (Martin annonced he's away on vacation).


- portability: made unicode object behave properly also if
  sizeof(Py_UNICODE) > 2 and >= sizeof(long) (FL)
- same for unicode codecs and the unicode database (MvL)
- base unicode feature selection on unicode defines, not platform (FL)
- wrap surrogate handling in #ifdef Py_UNICODE_WIDE (MvL, FL)
- tweaked unit tests to work with wide unicode, by replacing explicit
  surrogates with \U escapes (MvL)
- configure options for narrow/wide unicode (MvL)
- removed bogus const and register from some scalars (GvR, FL)
- default unicode configuration for PC (Tim, FL)
- default unicode configuration for Mac (Jack)
- added sys.maxunicode (MvL)

most changes where really trivial (e.g. ~0xFC00 => 0x3FF). martin's
big patch was reviewed and tested by both me and him before checkin
(tim managed to check out and build before I'd gotten around to check
in my windows tweaks, but that's what makes distributed egoless deve-
lopment so fun ;-)