[Python-Dev] Silly little benchmark

Thomas Wouters thomas@xs4all.net
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 01:04:57 +0200

On Tue, Jul 10, 2001 at 05:58:04PM -0500, Skip Montanaro wrote:

> Okay, so here are some hopefully more comparable numbers.  I cvs up'd both
> Python 1.6 (release16 tag) and Python 2.1 (release21-maint tag) directories,

Wrong tag; you're testing the 2.1.1 branch, not the 2.1 release. 2.1.1
contains at least one small performance optimization of which the impact has
not been determined :)

Feel-free-to-determine-though-ly y'rs,
Thomas Wouters <thomas@xs4all.net>

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