[Python-Dev] Python and SSL

Martin Sjögren martin@strakt.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:46:26 +0200

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I'm currently in the process of developing a basic OpenSSL module for
Python. Before you say antyhing, yes I know about M2Crypto and its SSL
support, but for a number of reasons, it doesn't fulfill our needs.

We found the SSL support in Python to be insufficient (nonexistent :-))
for our needs.  We thus decided to write our own module.

The module is faaaar from complete as an interface to the general
cryptographic functionality of OpenSSl, but it does have basic SSL
support, including authorization using certificates, PRNG seeding
functions and an error handling system.

Since we are using Python extensively and don't have to pay for it, we
would like to reply in kind and offer the module back to the Python

(This is, in case you're missing it, a hint that now that security is
the hot subject it is, it's silly for an otherwise so complete language to
lack SSL support ;-))

The whole kit (including some documentation) can be found here:

My question is... What do I do now? Where to proceed?

Please CC me replies, since I'm (of course) not on the list.

Martin Sj=F6gren
AB Strakt

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