[Python-Dev] XML-RPC docs are in

Eric S. Raymond esr@snark.thyrsus.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 23:01:57 -0400

I have spent the afternoon writing, and the first version of
xmlrpclib docs is checked in.

It probably has markup errors; it is not complete, and could probably stand
to have some of the internal things like Marshaller documented.  But I
think it does a decent job on the entry points and externally visible

We have more to do.  Fred D. and Fredrik L. should proof this sucker 
for errors.  Fredrik L. should add stuff on some of the internals and
quasi-internals I haven't described, like the loads and dumps

Then, as Eric Kidd pointed out, we really ought to support an XML-RPC
server class wrapped around Fredrik's stubs.  There appears to be one
in the xmlrpclib distribution.  Fredrik, are you planning to document
that and check it in?

This is a feature set to make serious noise about in the publicity for 2.2.
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