[Python-Dev] Pointers to python-dev threads pertaining to Patch #441791?

Alex Coventry alex_c@MIT.EDU
Thu, 19 Jul 2001 23:04:14 -0400

Hi, I posted a patch recently, #441791, causing "import foo.bar" to set
"sys.modules['foo'].bar = sys.modules['foo.bar']" even if an error is
raised during the importing of bar.  With this patch, import commands
like "import foo.bar; reload(foo.bar)" work in a fashion more consistent
with the way "import unpackaged_module; reload(unpackaged_module)"

Thomas Wouters posted a reply saying that this has been discussed on
python-dev before.  I've searched the archives for the keywords
"import.c", "import_submodule" (the function I modify,) and "package
import" but didn't turn up anything relevant.  Could someone point me at
a thread which discusses this?  This patch has proved very useful to me,
as I tend to carry around a lot of data in long-running python process,
and being able to reload submodules of a package has been very useful to
me.  It'd be nice if the patch got into python itself, so that I can
retain my development habits without having to keep an eye on
import.c. :)