[Python-Dev] Pointers to python-dev threads pertaining to Patch #441791?

Gordon McMillan gmcm@hypernet.com
Fri, 20 Jul 2001 10:21:04 -0400

[Alex Coventry]
> > Hi, I posted a patch recently, #441791, causing "import
> > foo.bar" to set "sys.modules['foo'].bar =
> > sys.modules['foo.bar']" even if an error is raised during the
> > importing of bar.  With this patch, import commands like
> > "import foo.bar; reload(foo.bar)" work in a fashion more
> > consistent with the way "import unpackaged_module;
> > reload(unpackaged_module)" works.  


> In any case, I agree it would be nice if this was fixed.  

Import issues are subtle, but this looks good to me.

> Maybe Thomas was thinking of a different issue, where some people
> want the sys.modules[name] entry to be *removed* when an import
> fails.  I am not for that change, but I haven't recovered the
> reason (I know I had a good one when I implemented things this
> way).

Perhaps one could construct a situation with circular imports 
in which one module ends up with a name (and no error, 
because the name is being imported) that later turns into an 

There's also the issue of failed relative imports that succeed 
as absolute imports - you don't want every module in the 
package hunting around for package.sys.

- Gordon