[Python-Dev] cygwin "test_pwd" failure on win98

Jeff Epler jepler@inetnebr.com
Tue, 24 Jul 2001 07:49:16 -0500

As described in an ancient cygnus mailing list message,
"getpwnam/getpwuid functions report NULL instead of a fallback entry
*if /etc/passwd exist* and the user name or uid is not found in the file"
(my emphasis)

Once I generated a password file, using 
	mkpasswd.exe > /etc/passwd
test_pwd.py seems to succeed as expected.

Strangely, the Cygnus install seems to have automatically generated the passwd
file into /etc/group at install time, rather than into /etc/passwd.  In any
case, this test failure is due to incorrect cygwin32 setup, not Python.

PS Tim, sorry about reporting those two known test failures yesterday.
I hope this message is more helpful.  In any case, when can I expect to
receive my punishment from the PS
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