[Python-Dev] Re: IPv6 committed

itojun@iijlab.net itojun@iijlab.net
Wed, 25 Jul 2001 08:47:17 +0900

>Hi itojun,
>As you may have noticed, I just committed the last chunk of your IPv6
>patch. Thanks a lot for your contributions, I think you've provided a
>highly valuable contribution to Python 2.2. We still have to figure
>out a way to provide documentation, but I expect that we can complete
>that before 2.2a2.

	sorry that i'm delayed about documentation (specificaly socket module).
	i have no TeX environment now (i had before) and having trouble
	checking if i'm typesetting right.  do you mind if i send you just

>As with all new code, there may occur some problems; I hope you'll be
>around for the coming weeks and give the professional advise that
>you've provided throughout the integration of the code.

	as for Lib/*.y changes, there shouldn't be much changes unless you have
	faulty IPv6 connectivity - the code will try to connect to IPv6
	destination then IPv4 against FQDN hostnames, so if IPv6 connectivity
	is faulty you will see more delays.

	with Lib/ftp.py people is most likely to see something is happening
	as it will try protocol-independent FTP commands (EPSV/EPRT) first.

	anyway... if possible drop me notes.  i don't check SF too frequently
	(i cannot adapt to the SF UI).  i'll subscribe to python-dev.