[Python-Dev] number-sig anyone?

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Tue, 24 Jul 2001 22:44:58 -0400

>>>>> "SM" == Skip Montanaro <skip@pobox.com> writes:

    >> Looks like we have at least three pages that list related info:
    >> http://www.python.org/sigs/ http://mail.python.org/
    >> http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=5470 Can they be unified?

    Guido> I don't see how.

    SM> Perhaps they can at least be made to point incestuously to one
    SM> another (though I imagine the sf page is completely out of our
    SM> control and thus immune to such incest)...

Only the /sigs/ page is statically generated, so only it is easy to