[Python-Dev] Branches here, branches there, branches everywherte

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Wed, 25 Jul 2001 16:52:04 -0400

[Greg Ward]
> I've finally started reviewing the changes made to the Distutils during
> my extended leave-of-absence, and making a few minor commits.

Welcome back!  I hope you've recovered from Candianness <wink>.

> So far I've just made these commits on the trunk,


> because I don't really understand anything else.

That's the way Guido likes it <wink>.

> (Yes, yes, I've read the CVS docs many many times.  It just takes a
> while to sink in.)  Am I right in doing this?


> Ie. will 2.2a2 be released from the trunk?

Unknown at this time.

> Or should I be doing commits that I want in 2.2a2 on the 22a1 branch?

Definitely not.  Trunk.  There is no 22a1 branch, BTW, 22a1 is just a tag
applied at the time of the 2.2a1 release.  2.2a1 was released from the
descr-branch.  It's my job to magically merge trunk checkins into
descr-branch while you sleep.  This approach will become a nightmare if
people check stuff into descr-branch themselves (except for Guido and Fred
and me, who are doing some work *specific* to descr-branch).

The best thing you can do to help is look for massive clumps of merge
checkins (usually early AM EDT on Saturdays), then run whatever distutils
tests you have *from* a descr-branch checkout.  I don't believe the ongoing
distutils merges on descr-branch get tested at all now, and that's not good.