[Python-Dev] Re: post mortem after threading deadlock?

Skip Montanaro skip@pobox.com (Skip Montanaro)
Wed, 25 Jul 2001 18:04:11 -0500

    Tim> I've got better advice <wink>: Never use semaphores for anything.
    Tim> Never use locks except for dirt-simple one- or two-line critical
    Tim> sections.

I didn't find either particularly difficult to work with.  Guess I was
fooling myself. ;-)

    Guido> I believe that Aahz, in his thread tutorial, has even more
    Guido> radical advice: use the Queue module for all inter-thread
    Guido> communication.  It is even higher level than semaphores, and has
    Guido> the same nice properties.

Ah, thanks!  I saw the mention of Queues in his slides and thought he was
talking about a queue class that he wrote as an add-on.  It never occurred
to me that it would be a core library module.  doh!  A queue is really what
I want anyway.  I'm sharing a limited pool of database connections between a
(potentially large) set of threads.

one-regulation-head-slap-has-been-administered-sir!-ly y'rs,