[Python-Dev] Re: Future division patch available (PEP 238)

"Jürgen A. Erhard" juergen.erhard@gmx.net
Fri, 27 Jul 2001 11:46:42 +0200

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>>>>> "Christian" =3D=3D Christian Tanzer <tanzer@swing.co.at> writes:

[snipperoonio... lots of interesting stuff about real-life and
seemingly highly dynamic Python deployments]

    Christian> To be honest, for TTTech design databases the change in
    Christian> division probably doesn't pose any problems. Due to
    Christian> user demand, the tools coerced divisions [in
    Christian> customer-written code] to floating point for a long
    Christian> time.

"Due to customer demand"... well, seems to me you have given great
support to PEP 238 with this.  ;-)

Bye, J

PS: No, I'm not seeing you in the (raving) anti-PEP-238 camp,
Christian.  Your post was much too level-headed for this confusion to
happen. ;-)

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