[Python-Dev] Parrot -- should life imitate satire?

Skip Montanaro skip@pobox.com (Skip Montanaro)
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 14:22:25 -0500

    Guido> Yeah, but the runtime could offer a choice of data types -- for
    Guido> Python code the constants table would contain Python ints and
    Guido> strings etc., for Perl code it would contain Perl string-number
    Guido> objects.  Maybe.

So I could give a code object generated by the Python compiler to the Perl
runtime and get different results than if it was executed by the Python

Perhaps it's time for Eric to chime in again and tell us what he really has
in mind.  I can't see the utility in having the same set of opcodes for the
two languages if the semantics of running them under either environment
aren't going to be the same.  It seems like it would artificially constrain
people working on the internals of both languages.