[Python-Dev] another dict crasher

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Fri, 1 Jun 2001 21:04:36 -0400

[Michael Hudson]
> Are you suggesting that we should just leave these crashers in?
> They're not *particularly* hard to provoke if you know the
> implementation - and I was inspired to look for them by someone's
> report of actually running into one.

I certainly don't object to fixing ones that bite innocent users, but there
are also costs of several kinds.  In this case, I couldn't care less how
long printing a dict takes -- go for it.  When adversarial abuse starts
interfering with the speed of crucial operations, though, I'm simply not a
"safety at any cost" person.  Guido is much more of one, although the number
of holes remaining in Python could plausibly fill Albert Hall <wink>.

    the-code-base-ly y'rs  - tim