[Python-Dev] new PEP candidates

David Goodger dgoodger@bigfoot.com
Sun, 03 Jun 2001 10:39:42 -0400

I have just posted three related PEP candidates to the Doc-SIG:

- PEP: Docstring Processing System Framework

- PEP: DPS Generic Implementation Details

- PEP: Docstring Conventions

These are all part of the newly created Python Docstring Processing System
project, http://docstring.sf.net.

Barry: Please assign PEP numbers to these if possible. Once PEP numbers have
been assigned, I will post to comp.lang.python. Thanks.

A related project is the second draft of reStructuredText, a docstring
markup syntax definition. The project is http://structuredtext.sf.net, and
I've posted the following to Doc-SIG:

- An Introduction to reStructuredText

- Problems With StructuredText

- reStructuredText Markup Specification

- Python Extensions to the reStructuredText Markup Specification

I am not seeking PEP status for reStructuredText at this time; I think it's
one step too far removed from the Python language to warrant a PEP. If you
think it *should* be a PEP, I will be happy to convert it.

David Goodger    dgoodger@bigfoot.com    Open-source projects:
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 - reStructuredText: http://structuredtext.sf.net
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