[Python-Dev] Shouldn't I be able to print Unicode objects?

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Thu, 07 Jun 2001 10:42:40 +0200

Tim Peters wrote:
> [M.-A. Lemburg]
> > Wasn't me for sure... even in the Unicode age, I believe that
> > Python source code should maintain readability by not allowing
> > all alpha(numeric) characters for use in identifiers (there are
> > lots of them in Unicode).
> >
> > Shouldn't we fix the tokenizer to explicitely check for 'a'...'z'
> > and 'A'...'Z' ?! (same for digits) ?!
> That's certain to break code, and it's certain that some of those whose code
> gets broken would scream very loudly about it.  OTOH, nobody would come to
> its defense with a hearty "whew!  I'm so glad *that* hole finally got
> plugged!".  I'm sure it would cause less trouble to take away <> as an
> alternative spelling of != (except that Barry is actually close enough to
> strangle Guido a few days each week <wink>).  Is it worth the hassle?  I
> don't know, but I'd *guess* Guido would rather endure the complaints for
> something more substantial (like, say, breaking 10 lines of an expert's
> obscure code that relies on int() being a builtin instead of a class
> <wink>).

Ok, point taken... still, it's funny sometimes how pydevs are willing
to break perfectly valid code in some areas while not considering 
pointing users to clean up invalid code in other areas.

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