[Python-Dev] RE: %b format (no, really)

Greg Wilson Greg.Wilson@baltimore.com
Fri, 8 Jun 2001 13:34:13 -0400

> [Guido]
> > Why bother with floats at all?
> [Greg Wilson]
> > For teaching purposes

> [Tim Peters]
> if you separate the mantissa and exponent
> for floats the result won't "look like" the storage at all.  
> Please give an example first

This is part of what was going to go into the PEP, along with
what to do about character data (I've had a couple of emails
from people who'd like to be able to look at 8-bit and Unicode
characters as bit patterns).

> This is too much for %b -- write a float-format module instead.

How about a quick patch to do "%b" for int and long-int, and a
PEP for a generic "format" module --- arbitrary radix, options
for IEEE numbers, etc.?  Any objections?


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