[Python-Dev] Adding Asian codecs to the core

Mark Hammond MarkH@ActiveState.com
Fri, 15 Jun 2001 18:05:26 +1000

> > I still think adding them to the core is okay, but that's me.
> What would be the threshold for doing so ?
> Tamito is actively working on reducing the table sizes of the the
> codecs and after what I have seen you do on these sort of tables I
> am pretty sure Tamito can turn these tables into shared libs which are
> smaller than 200k.

But isn't this set only one of the many possible Asian codecs?  I would have
no objection to one 200k module, but if we really wanted to handle "asian
codecs" I believe this is only the start.

For this reason, I would give a -0 to adding these to the core, and a +1 to
adding them to the directory structure proposed by Guido.