[Python-Dev] Help: Python 2.1: "Corrupt Installation Detected"

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 01:53:01 -0400

[Greg Ewing]
> I'm trying to install Python-2.1 on Windows,
> and I keep getting "Corrupt Installation Detected"
> when I run the installer. [but no other evidence that
> it's actually corrupt]

You didn't say which flavor of Windows, but should have <wink>.  Ditto what
it is you're running (the PythonLabs distro?  ActiveState's?

Known causes for this from the PythonLabs installer include (across various
flavors of Windows), in decreasing order of likelihood:

+ Trying to install while logged in to an account with insufficient
  permissions (try logging in as Adminstrator, if on a version of
  Windows where that makes sense).

+ Trying to install over a network.  Copy the installer to a
  local disk first.

+ Conflicts with anti-virus software (disable it -- indeed, my
  Win9x Life got much saner after I wiped Norton AntiVirus from
  my hard drive).

+ Conflicts with other running programs (like installer splash
  screens always say, close all other programs).

+ Insufficient memory, disk space, or magic low-level Windows

+ There may or may not be a problem unique to French versions of

Any of those apply?