[Python-Dev] MAGIC after 2001 ?

Tim Peters tim@digicool.com
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 17:24:17 -0400

[Gregor Hoffleit]
> Correct me,

Can't: you're correct.

> but AFAICS there are only 186 days left until Python's MAGIC scheme
> overflows:
>   /* XXX Perhaps the magic number should be frozen and a version field
>      added to the .pyc file header? */
>   /* New way to come up with the magic number: (YEAR-1995), MONTH, DAY */
>   #define MAGIC (60202 | ((long)'\r'<<16) | ((long)'\n'<<24))
> I couldn't find this problem in the SF bug tracking system. Should I
> submit a new bug entry ?

Somebody should!  It's a known problem, but the last crusade to redefine it
ended up with 85% of a spec but no worker bees.  If that continues, note
that it has no effect on whether existing Python releases will continue to
run, it just means we can't release new versions -- but now that the
licensing issue is settled, I think we'll just close down the project
instead <wink>.

fun-while-it-lasted-ly y'rs  - tim