FW: FW: [Python-Dev] Simple generator implementation

Tim Peters tim.one@home.com
Sat, 17 Mar 2001 20:36:40 -0500

FYI, I pointed a correspondent to Neil's new generator patch (among other
things), and got this back.  Not being a Web Guy at heart, I don't have a
clue about XSLT (just enough to know that 4-letter acronyms are a webb
abomination <wink>).

Note:  in earlier correspondence, the generator idea didn't seem to "click"
until I called them "resumable functions" (as I often did in the past, but
fell out of the habit).  People new to the concept often pick that up
quicker, or even, as in this case, remember that they once rolled such a
thing by hand out of prior necessity.

Anyway, possibly food for thought if XSLT means something to you ...

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On Sat, 17 Mar 2001, Tim Peters wrote:
> It's been done at least three times by now, most recently yesterday(!):

Thanks for the pointer.  I've started to read some
of the material you pointed me to... generators
are indeed very interesting.  They are what is
needed for an efficient implementation of XSLT.
(I was part of an XSLT implementation team that had to
dream up essentially the same solution). This is
all very cool.  Glad to see that I'm just re-inventing
the wheel.  Let's get generators in Python!

;) XXX