[Python-Dev] Moving MacPython to sourceforge

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Mon, 07 May 2001 11:39:43 +0200

now that there's finally a decent (well, somewhat decent:-) Mac CVS client 
that supports ssh I'd like to move MacPython to sourceforge. There's two ways 
I can go about this: start a new MacPython project or merge the MacPython 
stuff into the main Python CVS repository.

The Mac specific stuff for Python is all concentrated in a single subtree Mac 
of the main Python tree (the subtree has its own hierarchy of 
Python/Modules/Lib/etc directories), so putting it in the main repository 
should not pollute the filenamespace all that much. It would also have the 
advantage that a single "cvs update" would update everything (whereas the 
current situation for Mac developers, where Python/Mac is from a different 
CVSROOT than Python, does not have that advantage). The downside is that 
everyone who does a full checkout of the tree would get an extra 1000 or so 
files on their disk that are pretty useless unless they have a mac.

Oh yes, another plus for putting stuff in the main repository is MacOSX 
support. Some MacPython modules have been "ported" to MacOSX, and I've started 
on adding them to setup.py, and life would become a lot simpler for people 
compiling on MacOSX if they had everything available automatically.
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